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Alumni of the Century of Assumption University

Alumni of the Century of Assumption University

On September 7, 2012, 61 distinguished alumni of Assumption University were honoured at a Gala Dinner held at The Ciociaro Club in Windsor. These Alumni of the Century were selected by a blue ribbon committee established by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, President of Assumption University. The selection process focussed on the following criteria: promotion of the dignity and sacredness of human life; Public Service; Catholic Education; Community Service; Contribution to Higher Education; and Cultural/Ethnic Contributions.

Fully 630 people were in attendance at the dinner, many of whom were family, friends and well wishers of the honourees. Representation was in evidence from many far flung locations, including Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto, the U.S.A., etc.Funds gathered from this celebration will be allocated to the vibrant Catholic Ministry offered by Assumption University to The University of Windsor.

A list of the honourees follows:

Frederick E. Alexander ’62
Philip H. Alexander ’63
Jean Beneteau 2000
Barbara H. Birch ’46/’50 *
Donald G. Boutette ’55
Robert V. Britton ’46 *
Elizabeth Brush 2001
Marion Campbell 2002
James N. Carruthers, C.S.B. ’57
Michael E. Caruso, Q.C. ’59
Paul V. Cassano ’61
Peter G. Cathcart, Q.C. ’60
Joseph E. Clark ’63
Philip J. Courey ’55
John L. Danesi ’58
Frederick T. De Vriendt ’59
Armando F. DeLuca ’60 *
Frederick Eldridge 2010
Joseph H. Emon ’57
Eugene G. Ewaschuk ’61
Gerald L. Freed, C.M. ’58

Morgan J. Gallagher ’61/’67
Jeanne Gisvold (Bowler) ’61
James K. Gordon ’60 *
Mina Grossman-Ianni 2008 *
Clementine Hinsperger Rice ’62
Barbara Holland 2011
Aris Kaplanis 2000
Michael J. Karcz ’54
Edward G. King ’61
Lenore K. Langs ’56
Leo J. Larocque ’56
Leda Law ’60
Rachelle A. Leslie 2001
Patricia M. MacDonald ’46 *
Philip B. MacDonald ’47
Diana Mady Kelly ’60
Robert H. Marchand ’61
Kevin B. Masterson ’54
Claire McCurdy ’51
George A. McMahon, Sr. ’56 *
Stuart P. Millinoff ’57

Richard J. Moriarty ’56/’59*
Mary C. Mousseau ’97 *
Virginia Cronin Nicol ’44
Brian P. Nolan ’64
Saul Nosanchuk ’54 *
Michelle O’Rourke ’99/2008
John A. Panontin ’53
Victor M. Power, C.M. ’60
Donald J. Raper ’59
Marie E. Renaud ’56
Charles A. Schiano, Sr. ’56
Samuel A. Sisco ’57
Terrance C. Snyder ’58 *
Patricia A. Taylor ’59
Audrey M. Thibert ’62
Norman E. Thibert ’46 *
Roger J. Thibert ’51 *
George L. VanderZanden ’56
Adrian T. VanDenHoven ’63