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Dr. Aris Kaplanis received The Knighthood Of The Order Of St. Gregory The Great


On September 7, 2012, 61 distinguished alumni of Assumption University were honoured at a Gala Dinner held at The Ciociaro Club in Windsor. These Alumni of the Century were selected by a blue ribbon committee established by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, President of Assumption University. The selection process focussed on the following criteria: promotion of the dignity and sacredness of human life; Public Service; Catholic Education; Community Service; Contribution to Higher Education; and Cultural/Ethnic Contributions.

Fully 630 people were in attendance at the dinner, many of whom were family, friends and well wishers of the honourees. Representation was in evidence from many far flung locations, including Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto, the U.S.A., etc.

Funds gathered from this celebration will be allocated to the vibrant Catholic Ministry offered by Assumption University to The University of Windsor.


Honorary Degrees Conferred: 1954 - Present


1st Convocation – Spring 1954

Leslie M. Frost – Doctor of Laws *
Paul J. J. Martin – Doctor of Laws *
George E. Hall – Doctor of Laws *
Charles P. McTague – Doctor of Laws *
Mary H. O’Donoghue – Doctor of Laws *
William J. Roach – Doctor of Laws *
George F. MacDonald – Doctor of Laws *
James A. Condrick – Doctor of Laws *
George W. Pare – Doctor of Letters *

2nd Convocation – Fall 1954

No honorary degrees

3rd Convocation – Spring 1955

Henry Carr – Doctor of Laws *
Henri L. Masson – Doctor of Laws *
Walter P. Thompson – Doctor of Laws *
Watson Kirkconnel – Doctor of Letters *
Edwin J. Pratt – Doctor of Letters *
Hans Selye – Doctor of Science *

4th Convocation – Fall 1955

Stephen F. Millen – Doctor of Laws *
Sydney MacEwan – Doctor of Music *

5th Convocation – Spring 1956

John F. Leddy – Doctor of Laws *

6th Convocation – Fall 1956

Patrick Kerwin – Doctor of Laws *
Chester S. Walters – Doctor of Civil Laws*

7th Convocation, Centennial – Spring 1957

William J. Dunlop – Doctor of Laws *
Eli C. Goldin – Doctor of Laws *
William Griesinger – Doctor of Laws *
Joseph T. Muckle – Doctor of Laws *
Kenneth P. R. Neville – Doctor of Laws *
George E. Nunan – Doctor of Laws *
Sidney E. Smith – Doctor of Letters *

8th Convocation – Fall 1957

Gladyes E. Campbell – Doctor of Laws *
Celia R. Girardot – Doctor of Laws *
Mary H. Zimmerman – Doctor of Laws *

9th Convocation – Spring 1958

William K. Lamb – Doctor of Laws *

10th Convocation – Fall 1958

Philip R. Morris – Doctor of Laws *

11th Convocation – Spring 1959

Celia Franca – Doctor of Laws *
Stanley Rivers – Doctor of Laws *

12th Convocation – Fall 1959

John G. Diefenbaker – Doctor of Laws *



13th Convocation – Spring 1960

Samuel Freedman – Doctor of Laws *

14th Convocation – Fall 1960

Henri F. Legare – Doctor of Laws *

15th Convocation – Spring 1961

Roland R. McLaughlin – Doctor of Science *
Philip F. Pocock – Doctor of Laws *

16th Convocation – Fall 1961

Rhys M. Sale – Doctor of Science in Business Administration *
George H. Zimmerman – Doctor of Science in Business Administration *
Bristow G. Ballard – Doctor of Science *
J. Herbert Smith – Doctor of Science *
John W. T. Spinks – Doctor of Science *

Special Convocation – December 1961

George P. Vanier – Doctor of Laws *

17th Convocation – Spring 1962

George B. Harrison – Doctor of Laws *
Ralph L. Jeffery – Doctor of Laws *
Thomas A. MacDonald – Doctor of Laws *

18th Convocation – Fall 1962

Geoffrey F. Fisher – Doctor of Laws *
John A. Ryan – Doctor of Laws *
John R. Tolmie – Doctor of Laws *

19th Convocation – Spring 1963

Harry J. Carmichael – Doctor of Science in Business Administration *
Vincent J. Guinan – Doctor of Laws *
Lester B. Pearson – Doctor of Laws *

20th Convocation – Fall 1963

Clarence B. Hilberry – Doctor of Laws *
Joseph C. Wey – Doctor of Laws *

Special Convocation – December 8, 1970
(Staunch friends of Assumption College)

Charles J. Clark – Doctor of Laws *
Claire Coughlin – Doctor of Laws *
Joseph R. Deane – Doctor of Laws *
Anthony F. Fuerth – Doctor of Laws *
Jerome R. Hartford – Doctor of Laws *
H.Clifford Hatch – Doctor of Laws *
Ernest J. Lajeunesse – Doctor of Letters *
Robert W. Meanwell – Doctor of Laws *
Edmond G. Odette – Doctor of Laws *
Msgr. John A. Rooney – Doctor of Laws *
Leo J. Ryan – Doctor of Laws *
Matthew P. Sheedy – Doctor of Laws *
George R. Weller – Doctor of Laws *


22nd Convocation – June 1994

Gerald L. Freed – Doctor of Laws

23rd Convocation – October 20, 1995

Anne Winterbottom – Doctor of Laws
Clare Winterbottom – Doctor of Laws *
Edward C. Lumley – Doctor of Laws

24th Convocation – May 31, 1996

Alan R. Orman – Doctor of Laws *

25th Convocation – October 12, 1996

Henry N. R. Jackman – Doctor of Laws
William H. Somerville – Doctor of Laws *

26th Convocation – May 30, 1997

Frank Chauvin – Doctor of Laws *
J.Terrence Forestell, CSB.- Doctor of Laws *

27th Convocation – May 29, 1998

Susan Moran, O.L.M. – Doctor of Laws *
John R. Whitley, CSB. – Doctor of Laws *

28th Convocation – April 30, 1999

His Eminence G. Emmett Cardinal Carter – Doctor of Laws *
George L. Cooke – Doctor of Laws

29th Convocation – October 1, 1999

Joseph J. Barnicke – Doctor of Laws *
J.Mark O’Regan – Doctor of Laws
Frances Ryan, O.S.U. – Doctor of Laws *


30th Convocation – April 28, 2000

William A. Farlinger – Doctor of Laws *
Esther R. Farlinger – Doctor of Laws *
Quentin R. Johnson, CSB. – Doctor of Laws
Aris M. Kaplanis – Doctor of Laws

31st Convocation – October 20, 2000

Robert W. Chisholm – Doctor of Laws
Richard L. Knowles – Doctor of Laws
Eugene J. McNamara – Doctor of Laws *

32nd Convocation – April 27, 2001

Frederick J. Brooks–Hill – Doctor of Laws *
Leonard Racioppo – Doctor of Laws
Martin R. Taylor – Doctor of Laws

33rd Convocation – September 28, 2001

Stanley B. Cunningham – Doctor of Laws
William J. Fisher – Doctor of Laws
Robert K. Rae, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws

34th Convocation – April 26, 2002

Edward J. R. Jackman, O.P. – Doctor of Laws*
Frederic L. R. Jackman – Doctor of Laws
Peter J. M. Swan, CSB. – Doctor of Laws *

35th Convocation – September 20, 2002

Anne Brennan, CSJ – Doctor of Laws *
Janice Brewi, CSJ – Doctor of Laws *
John N. Turner, P.C., C.C., Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *

36th Convocation – April 25, 2003

Gregory G. Baum – Doctor of Laws *
Herb Gray, P.C., Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *
Alistair MacLeod – Doctor of Laws *

37th Convocation – November 15, 2003

J.Rory MacDonald – Doctor of Laws
Sandra D. Pitblado – Doctor of Laws

38th Convocation – April 30, 2004

Stephen A. Jarislowsky – Doctor of Laws
Richard E. Waugh – Doctor of Laws

39th Convocation – October 22, 2004

Rosalie S. Abella – Doctor of Laws
Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *
James Lockyer – Doctor of Laws
Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws

40th Convocation – April 29, 2005

Timothy E. MacDonald. – Doctor of Laws
Theodore Manziaris – Doctor of Laws
Walter H. Prince, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *

Special Convocation – December 17, 2005

David G. Heath, CSB. – Doctor of Laws *

42nd Convocation – April 28, 2006

Sir Conrad Swan – Doctor of Laws *
David H. Tsubouchi – Doctor of Laws
Ajay K. Virmani – Doctor of Laws
Warren Winkler – Doctor of Laws

43rd Convocation – April 20, 2007

Shane Baghai – Doctor of Laws
Martin Teplitsky, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *
Aubrey Zidenberg – Doctor of Laws

44th Convocation – May 11, 2007

Kenneth J. Decker, CSB. – Doctor of Laws *
Ronald Matthewman – Doctor of Laws
Helen Petrimoulx, SNJM – Doctor of Laws

45th Convocation – September 21, 2007

Daniel C. Andreae – Doctor of Laws
Rose-Marie Dufault, RHSJ – Doctor of Laws *
John Eberhard, Q.C. – Doctor of Laws

46th Convocation – May 9th, 2008

Carl S. Cohen – Doctor of Laws
Aubrey Dan – Doctor of Laws
Akshay Kumar – Doctor of Laws

47th Convocation – October 3rd, 2008

Stephen T. Goudge – Doctor of Laws
Patrick J. LeSage, C.M., Q.C. – Doctor of Laws
R. Roy McMurtry, O.Ont., Q.C. – Doctor of Laws *
Dennis R. O’Connor – Doctor of Laws

48th Convocation – October 4th, 2008

Mina Grossman-Ianni – Doctor of Laws *
Rocco A. Marcello – Doctor of Laws
George A. McMahon, Sr. – Doctor of Laws *

49th Convocation – May 8th, 2009

Mike Aymong, MBA, CMA – Doctor of Laws
Marina Clemens – Doctor of Laws
John A. Fournier, CSB. – Doctor of Laws *
Brian S. Kyle – Doctor of Laws

50th Convocation – October 17th, 2009

Rabbi Jonathan V. Plaut – Doctor of Laws *
Gary A. Katz – Doctor of Laws
Jeffrey M. Slopen – Doctor of Laws

2010's and 2020's

51st Convocation – October 15th, 2010

Pierrette Craig – Doctor of Laws
Marty Gervais – Doctor of Laws

52nd Convocation – May 13th, 2011

Albina Guarnieri, P.C., M.P. – Doctor of Laws
Ralph Johnson, FRSC – Doctor of Laws
Eugene McBurney – Doctor of Laws

53rd Convocation – October 28th, 2011

James M. Bowman – Doctor of Laws
Harry Fowler – Doctor of Laws
Cataldo Francesco Grossi – Doctor of Laws
Pat Soulliere – Doctor of Laws

54th Convocation – May 10th, 2013

Samuel J. Ciccolini – Doctor of Laws
Julian Fantino – Doctor of Laws

November 24, 2021

Frank Iacobucci – Doctor of Laws

June 18, 2022

Patricia France – Doctor of Laws

The Reverend Carlisle LeBel, CSB. Award

(2004 – present)

The Father Eugene Carlisle Lebel Award is named after the man who was a pivotal figure in the history of Assumption University. He was the last President of Assumption College when it was affiliated with The University of Western Ontario, the first President of Assumption University when it became an

independent Catholic university in 1953, and the first President of the newly created University of Windsor in 1963.The Lebel Award is granted for outstanding contributions to Assumption University and the community which it serves.

The Recipients of The Reverend Carlisle LeBel, CSB. Award

Dr. John Cappucci, Principal, Assumption University, selects the individuals.

November 28, 2004
–The first presentation was at the Christmas Party

Dr. Stanley Cunningham, Mr. Walter Prince, Q.C. *,Rev. William J. Stoba, CSB. * and Dr. Michael Zin *

42nd Convocation – April 28th, 2006

Rev. Paul A. Charbonneau *, Dr. Esther R. Farlinger*, Dr. Aris Kaplanis, The Honourable Dr. Edward C. Lumley and Dr. Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C.

43rd Convocation – April 20th, 2007

Miss Barbara H. Birch *, Mr. George A. McMahon, Sr.*, Mrs. Marie E. Renaud and Mr. Gary D.T. Wintermute

45th Convocation – September 21st, 2007

Dr. Donna M. Foley (posthumously) *, Dr. Ralph Johnson, F.R.S.C., Rev. Richard A. Ranalletti, CSB. * and Dr. Lois Smedick *

46th Convocation – May 9th, 2008

Mrs. Barbara Cunningham, Rev. Dr. Donald Hull, Dr. Stuart Selby and Dr. Anne Snowdon

50th Convocation – October 17, 2009

Mrs. Miriam Freed and Dr. Christine Thrasher

52nd Convocation – May 13, 2011

Mr. Bob Britton *, Mrs. Rachel Olivero and Dr. Alan Wildeman

June 29, 2021

Rev. Leo Walsh, CSB.

June 18, 2022

Dr. Carl Cohen

Alumni of the Century of Assumption University

On September 7, 2012, 61 distinguished alumni of Assumption University were honoured at a Gala Dinner held at The Ciociaro Club in Windsor. These Alumni of the Century were selected by a blue ribbon committee established by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, President of Assumption University. The selection process focussed on the following criteria: promotion of the dignity and sacredness of human life; Public Service; Catholic Education; Community Service; Contribution to Higher Education; and Cultural/Ethnic Contributions.

Fully 630 people were in attendance at the dinner, many of whom were family, friends and well wishers of the honourees. Representation was in evidence from many far flung locations, including Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto, the U.S.A., etc.Funds gathered from this celebration will be allocated to the vibrant Catholic Ministry offered by Assumption University to The University of Windsor.

A list of the honourees follows:

Frederick E. Alexander ’62
Philip H. Alexander ’63
Jean Beneteau 2000
Barbara H. Birch ’46/’50 *
Donald G. Boutette ’55
Robert V. Britton ’46 *
Elizabeth Brush 2001
Marion Campbell 2002
James N. Carruthers, C.S.B. ’57
Michael E. Caruso, Q.C. ’59
Paul V. Cassano ’61
Peter G. Cathcart, Q.C. ’60
Joseph E. Clark ’63
Philip J. Courey ’55
John L. Danesi ’58
Frederick T. De Vriendt ’59
Armando F. DeLuca ’60 *
Frederick Eldridge 2010
Joseph H. Emon ’57
Eugene G. Ewaschuk ’61
Gerald L. Freed, C.M. ’58

Morgan J. Gallagher ’61/’67
Jeanne Gisvold (Bowler) ’61
James K. Gordon ’60 *
Mina Grossman-Ianni 2008 *
Clementine Hinsperger Rice ’62
Barbara Holland 2011
Aris Kaplanis 2000
Michael J. Karcz ’54
Edward G. King ’61
Lenore K. Langs ’56
Leo J. Larocque ’56
Leda Law ’60
Rachelle A. Leslie 2001
Patricia M. MacDonald ’46 *
Philip B. MacDonald ’47
Diana Mady Kelly ’60
Robert H. Marchand ’61
Kevin B. Masterson ’54
Claire McCurdy ’51
George A. McMahon, Sr. ’56 *
Stuart P. Millinoff ’57

Richard J. Moriarty ’56/’59*
Mary C. Mousseau ’97 *
Virginia Cronin Nicol ’44
Brian P. Nolan ’64
Saul Nosanchuk ’54 *
Michelle O’Rourke ’99/2008
John A. Panontin ’53
Victor M. Power, C.M. ’60
Donald J. Raper ’59
Marie E. Renaud ’56
Charles A. Schiano, Sr. ’56
Samuel A. Sisco ’57
Terrance C. Snyder ’58 *
Patricia A. Taylor ’59
Audrey M. Thibert ’62
Norman E. Thibert ’46 *
Roger J. Thibert ’51
George L. VanderZanden ’56
Adrian T. VanDenHoven ’63

Lifetime Membership

Marianne Barrie
Fred Barth
Lamont BeGole
Joseph Beneteau
Larry Bensette *
Joseph Berecz *
Barbara Birch *
Cecil Birch *
Matthew Borowiec
Robert Britton *
John Brockenshire *
Meta Brownlie *
Patricia Brunelle
Donald Carom
John Paul Carrico
James Carruthers
Michael Caruso
Paul Cassano
Stanley Cassin
Joseph Clark
Carl Cohen
David Cole
Joe Comuzzi
Peter Cory
Jack Costello
James Coyle
Mary Craig
Pierrette Craig
Patrick Cunningham *
Michael Daypuk *
Bianca DeLuca
Robert Duddy *
John Eberhard
Alexandra Edwards
Barry Fegarty
Stanley Fraser
Peter Freel
John Frena
Ron Gentile
Patricia Giesler

Paul Gilmor
Irene Girard *
Jeanne Gisvold (Bowler)
Sarah Green
Clifford Hatch, Sr. *
George Helleis
Michael Jacko *
Quentin Johnson, C.S.B.
Aris Kaplanis
John Kaufman
Fred Khoury
Walter Kindiak
Richard Lanseer
Brian Laragh
Leda Law
Robert Little
Edward Lumley
Barbara Macedonski
Diana M. Mady-Kelly
Dorothy Marentette
Herbert Marz *
Kevin Masterson
Margaret Masterson
Ronald Matthewman
Fred Maxim
Rev. Val Ambrose McInnes *
Evelyn McLean
David McLewin
George McMahon, Sr. *
Joseph McMahon *
Rina Milani
Heather Milne-Dube *
Joseph Molinari
Mary Ann Molinari
Clifton Molyneaux
Frank Montello
Douglas Montrose *
Mary Moriarty
Richard Moriarty*
Terry Mulligan

E. G. Odette
Stanley Oleksiuk *
Joseph Pastovich
Margo Pastovich
Ronold Pazik, C.S.B. *
Eleanor Peddle
Doris Petras
Michael L. Petras *
Don Pickett
Henry Poirier
Steve Polewski
Carl Popkey
Marie Renaud
Paul Rennick, C.S.B.
William Riegel, C.S.B.
Richard Rohmer
Jeanne M. Rosati
Ambrose Rouble
Randal Sasso
Kevin Schultz
Mike Spang
James Steel
Milton Stodolny
John Stoiko *
Meredith Sutherland
Sir Conrad Swan
Robert Temmerman
David Tsubouchi
Genevieve Ustrzycki
Ajay Virmani
John Watson
Richard Waugh
Arthur Weingarden *
Michael Weiss
Theresa Whiteside
Edward Wilkinson
Gary Wintermute
Joe Younder
Carl Zalev *
Michael Zin *

150 Club

Mr. Donald Arpin
Mr. Richard Aubry
Ms. Marianne Barrie
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barth
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Beck
Dr. Cecil M. Birch *
Mr. Douglas Branch
Mr. Robert * and Mrs. Patricia * Britton
The Hon. Dr. John and Dr. Norma Brockenshire *
Dr. Raymond Buncic
Dr. and Mrs. Donald P. Carom
Dr. Paul V. Cassano and Dr. Patricia Speight
Dr. and Mrs. Carl S. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Comuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Costello
Dr. James H. Coyle
Mr. Harold N. Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Daypuk *
The Hon. & Mrs. Richard Donald
Mr. Robert Duddy * and Ms. JoAnne Green
Dr. and Mrs. William Fisher
Rev. and Mrs. Stan Fraser
Mr. Morgan Gallagher
Rev. Edward Gatfield
Miss Mary-Ellen Gazarek

Mrs. Stephanie Germack-Kerzic
Mr. R. Paul Gilmor
Mr. Clement U. Giovanatti
Mrs. Jeanne Gisvold
The Rt. Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Herb Gray
Dr. Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.
Mrs. Jerome J. Haggarty
Dr. Michael Jacko *
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Kanasy
Mr. Fred P. Khoury
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Little
Miss Helen I. Lukacs
Miss Magdalen M. Lukacs
The Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lumley
Dr. Timothy E. MacDonald
Mr. Robert H. Marchand
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Marcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Masterson
The Ven. Dr. Ronald Matthewman
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. McArthur *
Dr. and Mrs. George A. McMahon, Sr. *
Dr. Eugene J. McNamara *
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McRae
Mr. Frank J. Montello
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Moriarty*

Ms. Mary Mousseau
Mr. Frank Nowak
Mrs. Beverly J. Nyberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. O’Gorman
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Oleksiuk *
Mrs. Doris Petras
Mr. Henry Poirier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Renaud
Mr. Ronald Rinaldi
Mr. Michael T. Robert
Maj. General and Mrs. Richard H. Rohmer
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose J. Rouble
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rouble
Mr. Kevin B. Ryan
Mrs. Susanne Sabolick
Dr. Jeffrey Slopen
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance C. Snyder *
Dr. Gino Sovran *
Mr. James S. Steel
Mr. Larry T. Stout
Dr. Patrick J. Suraci
Mrs. Suzanne Thibeault
Mr. John Todesco
Ms. Genevieve J. Ustrzycki
Mr. and Mrs. William Viveash
The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas G. Zuber

Department of Theology 1992-2015

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 saw the last convocation for students of the Department of Theology of Assumption University. It was a bittersweet celebration for all of us. Our five graduates, from both the Windsor and Saginaw programs, well represented the over 150 grads who had gone before. They were part of a community of learners, rooted in Jesus Christ and His Church, made up of wonderful people, believers who experienced a call to more intentionally participate in the building of the reign of God and to educate and be educated for mission and ministry in the church and in the world.

This program began with a pilot project in 1992 because ecclesial lay ministers in the Windsor Essex area hungered for Theology courses to help them minister. Bishop Sherlock and then President, Fr. Ulysse Paré, CSB., were joined by a committee of Basilians, adult centre directors, a school board representative and a diocesan priest to develop the Institute of Pastoral and

Educational Ministry for the diocese. The committee members were Fr. Bill Stoba, CSB., Fr. Michael Lehman, CSB., Fr. Jim Carruthers, CSB., Fr. Paul McGill, CSB., Mrs. Elaine Damphouse, Ms. Connie Paré, Mrs. Betty McCrindle, Fr. Tony Daniels. Sr. May Ann Flanagan, IHM and Anne Shore became the directors of the program and taught within it. Later on, Sr. Mary Ann became the director of the Saginaw branch of the program.

In 1996, we held our first convocation with Beverley Bryans and Sue Bitacola receiving their Certificates in Pastoral Ministry. On May13th, 2015, we held our last.

We are grateful for the many blessings and graces both received and given. IPEM/The Department of Theology continues on in the lives of its graduates and the many who have been affected by them. We thank God for the opportunity to have been part of something so wonderful.

Graduates From The Department Of Theology


24th Convocation – May 31, 1996


Susan Bitacola
Beverley Bryans

26th Convocation – May 30, 1997


Dolores Janisse
Edward G. King
F.Stefan Polewski


Charlotte Bautista
Penny Anne Beaudoin
Beverly Diet
Robert P. Hilbers
Mary C. Mousseau *
Judith Rocheleau
Jeanne M. Rosati
Randal W. Sasso


Catherine A. Beausoleil
Adele J. Bezaire
Stella M. Burns
Elda Fabris
Susan L. Hofgartner
Maureen Iles
Mary Kominek *
Aline M. P. Lehoux
Kathie L. Tremblay

27th Convocation – May 29, 1998


Janet Ryder


Peter E. Burns
Sr. Edith Olaguer, C.G.S.
Rev. Kevin Storey, C.S.B.


Sr. Mary Diane Cahill, C.S.J.
Douglas F. Friesen
Erin Malone
Janet Oliver

Gertrude M. Roes
Donna Ryan
Sr. Carol Seigel, C.G.S.
Philip A. Thibert

28th Convocation – April 30th, 1999


Emily Gordon
Deborah Knoblock


Judy A. Bertram
Anita MacLeod
Eleanor McCloskey, CND
Heather Slavik
Marie Van de Putte


Erin A. Di Sante
Carolyn Elliott
Mary Lou Hamelin
Michelle O’Rourke
Donna Porter, SNJM
Jean M. Renaud


30th Convocation – April 28th, 2000


Jean Beneteau


Kathy F. Hasty
Mary Jo Kovacs
Jean M. Murphy
Anna Maria Santiago
Patricia H. van Dam


Veronica D. Costa
Patrick M. Kelly
Sarah Lucier
J.Dianne McCarville
Margaret R. Murphy

32th Convocation – April 27th, 2001


Elizabeth Brush
Karen A. Celentino


Barbara L. Bakotich
John F. Gales, CFC
Lisa A. Gelderland
Mary R. Heath
Mary D. Schultz Fedders


Colleen Aarssen-Lewis
Arliss Charette
Rachelle A. Leslie
Therese Stiers
Kathleen A. Tilley

34th Convocation – April 26th, 2002


Joseph T. Beneteau
Marion Campbell
Kathleen O’Donnell
Mary Robbins
Michael G. Stewart


Katherine Collard
Emmanuel Schembri

36th Convocation – April 25th, 2003


Donna Bourdeau
Philip J. Gatt
Donna M. Kohn
Laura Piccone-Hanchon
Katherine M. H. Weinrauch


Diane Jharriah
Nancy Ng
Patricia Slavik

38th Convocation – April 30th, 2004


Gerard Charette
Wende McDonald-Badder
Mary McNamara


Colleen Brady (Ontko)
Margaret Catroppa (with distinction)
Alice Chinnick
Maria Giannotti
Angeline Gibson
Barbara Michie
Sr. Helen Russell


Sr. Roxanne Brode, C.S.J.B.
Robert Frias
Chris Laforet
Hazel McDonald
Rachael Orawski
Deborah Waddell

39th Convocation – October 22nd, 2004


Sandra Barnes
Sharon Barrick
Lisa Beneteau
Judy Bertram
Dr. Donald A. Campbell
Nanette E. Campbell (Audit)
Patrick Michael Kelly
Mary-Jo Kovacs
Sr. Therese Ladouceur, S.N.J.M.
Sr. Maureen Meloche, C.S.J.
Margaret Rose Murphy
Patricia Slavik
Margaret M. Soulliere

40th Convocation – April 29, 2005


Stephanie Marie Houlahan
Sr. Elzbieta Mruczek


Lorraine Plank Berlin
Rose Marie Blondé, OSU
Gary Eugene Patelski
Cindy Bonvarlez Waddick


Mark Gary Couture
Jeffery David Gendron
Angeline C. Gibson
Marguerite Julie Marie (Lauzon) Hewer
Judith Ann Lefaive
Sarah Plumb
Patricia A. Senay
Kathy Verardi

42nd Convocation – April 28, 2006


Rosemary Kyryliuk


Laura Broyles
Sr. Katherine Collard, IHM
Catalina Echeverri
Cynthia Leidal
Martha Rivera
Sr. Kateri Schrems, O.P.
Kevin Schultz
Michele Schultz
Catherine Teter
Amy Tolton
Ruth Zwiers


Jamie Souilliere
John Tomlinson

44th Convocation – May 11, 2007


Elena Chernyak


Beverly Beltramo
Elizabeth Anne Chaplin*
Karen Gaudreau
Kathleen Mumford
Deborah Waddell

46th Convocation – May 9, 2008


Michelle O’Rourke

49th Convocation – May 8, 2009


Chris Platko


Veronica Costa
Patricia Fox
Cathy Ghrist
Ken Kochany
Patricia Slavik


51st Convocation – October 15, 2010


Chris Laforet


Sandra Barnes
Claire M. Bondy
Rebecca Bondy
Susan Kay Buratto
Michele Denton, IHM
Cynthia Dwyer
Frederick Eldridge
Nina Ann Lasceski
Richard M. Misiak
Deborah Kay Oglenski
Karen Elizabeth Remillong

52nd Convocation – May 13, 2011


Pam Barnett
Sharon Campbell
Michele Denton
Leonia Downie
Fernanda Estoesta
Jeff Gendron
Teresa Gibb
Susan Hofgartner
Barbara Holland
Colleen Misiak

54th Convocation – May 10, 2013


Robert Bedard
Margie Howell
Jane Piercy Ballard
Priscilla Steenburg

55th Convocation – May 13, 2015


Marie-Therese Lamphier


Nicole Carr
Brigitte Lalonde
Margaret Palmer
Isabel Santiago


Donald Michalski

Back in the Day – 1963 to 2013

The University Of Windsor As We Knew It

The University of Windsor Retirees’ Association held a book launch for Back in the Day 1963 to 2013 The University Of Windsor As We Knew It. This is a volume of reflection by University of Windsor retirees to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the University of Windsor. The Editorial Committee chaired by Professor Kathleen McCrone (General Editor) initially anticipated that around 35 people would participate but over 70 retirees decided to share some of their experiences at the University.

The book has 4 sections: Foundations, Vignettes, New Directions, and Portraits. The members of the Editorial Committee, in addition to Professor McCrone, were Sheila Cameron (Nursing);

Ralph Johnson (Philosophy); Kenneth Pryke (History) and Lois Smedick (English). The book has 72 responses, and is indicative of how many welcomed the opportunity to share something of their experience at the University.

The reception was filled to capacity with enthusiastic retirees who were both proud of their achievement and excited about seeing so many former colleagues.

The book Back in the Day was published by Black Moss Press and is available at the University Bookstore.