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Gary Slaght

“As a teacher in a Catholic school I value the importance of increasing my learning in our Faith so that I can better serve the students in my care. I must admit that taking on graduate work was never in my plans, however, the Graduate Diploma in Catholic Studies has provided me with a unique opportunity to explore graduate learning at my own pace and with a very clear and achievable goal. The faculty and staff are very friendly, welcoming, and take into consideration the needs of a learner who is working full-time. The courses offer an opportunity to read widely and think deeply about the Faith especially in our modern world. What I found interesting is that I was able to explore topics of my own choice, to think critically about those topics and demonstrate my learning through a variety of assessment strategies. The courses offer an innovative and original delivery model that kept me engaged with each course while providing me with clear and consistent feedback that kept me motivated and on track. I am truly amazed and thankful that I chose this program, and I can honestly say that the program fit into my busy life with the realization of a diploma in just over one calendar year.” – Gary Slaght, G.Dip. (Class of 2024)