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Maha Al-Rayes

Having completed the Graduate Diploma in Catholic Studies at Assumption University, I can confidently say it’s been an enriching and transformative experience. Beyond being a mere program, it’s a deep dive into the Catholic intellectual tradition. Each component, from foundational courses to specialized studies like “Catholicism and Social Justice” and “Catholicism and Dialogue,” is carefully designed to challenge and inspire.

The program’s flexibility was a huge advantage for me as a working professional, allowing me to balance my career with education seamlessly. The highlight was undoubtedly the Catholic Studies Capstone Project, where theory met practice, enabling me to develop and deliver a workshop aligned with my interests.

I’m grateful for the faculty’s support and the stimulating learning environment. This program exceeded my expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and make a meaningful impact.

Assumption University’s Graduate Diploma in Catholic Studies is more than just a diploma; it’s a catalyst for personal and societal transformation. – Maha Al-Rayes, G. Dip. 2024