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Marisa Nabbout

The Graduate Diploma in Catholic Studies was the opportunity that I was seeking, to further my studies in Catholicism. I was searching for a program at the graduate level, to increase my knowledge and strengthen my faith. As an educator in a Catholic School, this definitely extended the opportunity for me to learn more richly about Catholicism and the relationship the Church has with other faiths. There is a broad range of courses that are offered throughout the program, including Catholicism and Dialogue, Jewish-Catholic Relations and many more interesting topics, that delve deeply into the Catholic Church and faith. Faculty and staff are very welcoming, caring and knowledgeable. The course workloads are very reasonable for graduate studies, and the professors are very accommodating to the needs of students that are working full-time and want to complete their diploma requirements.

Throughout my time studying the various courses, I appreciated the wisdom and intelligent thought of my professors and the guests that were invited to our classes. Before commencing the program, I was nervous thinking of the workload, working full-time, and my ability to complete a graduate program, but it was very manageable.

I am very proud to say that I am an Assumption University graduate. It was an honour studying my Faith at this important and historical University. In just over a year, I successfully achieved the Graduate Diploma in Catholic Studies. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Cappucci, faculty and staff at Assumption, for making my experience a positive and rewarding one. – Marisa Nabbout, G.Dip (2024)