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The Reverend Carlisle LeBel, CSB. Award (2004 – Present)

The Reverend Carlisle LeBel, CSB. Award (2004 – Present)

The Father Eugene Carlisle Lebel Award is named after the man who was a pivotal figure in the history of Assumption University. He was the last President of Assumption College when it was affiliated with The University of Western Ontario, the first President of Assumption University when it became an

independent Catholic university in 1953, and the first President of the newly created University of Windsor in 1963.The Lebel Award is granted for outstanding contributions to Assumption University and the community which it serves.

The Recipients of The Reverend Carlisle LeBel, CSB. Award

Dr. John Cappucci, Presidentl, Assumption University, selects the individuals.

November 28, 2004
–The first presentation was at the Christmas Party

Dr. Stanley Cunningham, Mr. Walter Prince, Q.C. *,Rev. William J. Stoba, CSB. * and Dr. Michael Zin *

42nd Convocation – April 28th, 2006

Rev. Paul A. Charbonneau *, Dr. Esther R. Farlinger*, Dr. Aris Kaplanis, The Honourable Dr. Edward C. Lumley and Dr. Harvey T. Strosberg, Q.C.

43rd Convocation – April 20th, 2007

Miss Barbara H. Birch *, Mr. George A. McMahon, Sr.*, Mrs. Marie E. Renaud and Mr. Gary D.T. Wintermute

45th Convocation – September 21st, 2007

Dr. Donna M. Foley (posthumously) *, Dr. Ralph Johnson, F.R.S.C., Rev. Richard A. Ranalletti, CSB. * and Dr. Lois Smedick *

46th Convocation – May 9th, 2008

Mrs. Barbara Cunningham, Rev. Dr. Donald Hull, Dr. Stuart Selby and Dr. Anne Snowdon

50th Convocation – October 17, 2009

Mrs. Miriam Freed and Dr. Christine Thrasher

52nd Convocation – May 13, 2011

Mr. Bob Britton *, Mrs. Rachel Olivero and Dr. Alan Wildeman

June 29, 2021

Rev. Leo Walsh, CSB.

June 18, 2022

Dr. Carl Cohen

56th Convocation – June 29, 2024

Dr. Daniel Andreae